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6 Reasons You May Need Custom Orthotics

| December 4th, 2017

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If you’re suffering from foot pain, knee pain, or back pain, you may benefit from custom orthotics. These custom shoe inserts provide support and pain relief to many Americans. Despite their effective pain relief and support, many people still try to make due with the off-the-peg orthotics sold in drug stores and shoe stores. Let’s explore the difference.

What is a custom orthotic and how is it different from one that I can buy in a drug store?

The first and most important difference between a custom orthotic and a generic shoe insert is that a custom orthotic is made to fit and support your feet exactly. This means you’ll enjoy increased comfort and better foot pain relief.

You’ll also notice that your knees, hips, and back hurt less, too. Custom orthotics will also correct the movement and function of your foot and ankle, which can improve your overall mobility and decrease pressure on your joints.

They also help to evenly and correctly distribute your weightOver-the-counter shoe inserts can help with all of these same issues, but since they aren’t made specifically to fit your body, they’ll be less effective and in some cases may not correct your function or alignment.

But why might you need custom orthotics?

1. Foot pain

Foot pain is the most common reason you might make an appointment to talk to your trusted New Hampshire podiatrist about orthotics. However, foot pain is typically a symptom of other conditions that will benefit from the support of a custom orthotic.

2. Tendonitis or bursitis

If you have tendonitis or bursitis custom orthotics will support these tissues when you stand, walk, or run.  Orthotics are often part of a wider treatment plan for these conditions as well as plantar fasciitis that may include the R.I.C.E. method, cortisone injections, physical therapy, and at home stretches and exercises.

3. Fallen arches

A custom orthotic won’t correct a fallen arch but it will support your foot and improve your functionality. The orthotic will ensure the bones and tendons in your feet move correctly and don’t rub against each other excessively. This will decrease your chances of developing other foot issues like bunions, plantar fasciitis, or osteoarthritis.

4. Standing for long periods of time

If you have a job that keeps you on your feet for several hours, custom orthotic shoe inserts can protect your feet and provide support to all of the joints in your body.

5. Injury to lower limbs

If you’ve injured your foot, ankle, knee, or any part of your legs, you may benefit from custom shoe inserts. Injuries to your lower limbs can affect the functionality of your feet and legs and orthotics correct your alignment and function.

6. Diabetes

Diabetes can inhibit your circulation and cause numbness, which can lead to injuries and infection. You’re also more likely to develop corns and calluses. Orthotics will keep your feet in correct alignment which should help to reduce chafing and other issues that could lead to small, seemingly minor injuries that are riskier for diabetics.

Also, if you have diabetic foot ulcers, orthotics can help to keep pressure off of the ulcer to help the healing process and improve your comfort.

Signs you need custom orthotic inserts

How will you know if you need orthotics? If you’re suffering from any foot pain you should make an appointment with your trusted New Hampshire podiatrist for diagnosis and treatment.

In addition to foot pain, you may notice uneven wear on shoes which could indicate overpronation or supination – which is when your foot rolls outward or inward when you walk or run.

Uneven wear on your shoes may also indicate a leg length discrepancy. When you come in for your appointment, bring two pairs of shoes for the doctor to look at to gather more information for your diagnosis.

You could also do the wet test. What does your footprint look like when you get out of the shower or a swimming pool? A normal arch will show that approximately half of your arch doesn’t touch the ground, a high arch will show that less of your foot touches the ground and flatter feet will show a more filled in footprint.

You can count on Dr. Nagy and the team at Nagy Footcare to put your comfort and foot health first. They offer comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to relieve foot pain and keep you active. Schedule a consultation to see if custom orthotics are right for you!

At Nagy Footcare, our best day is the day you wake up with no foot pain.

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