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Are You a Candidate for Bunion Surgery?

| July 20th, 2017

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Is your bunion pain out of control? A study conducted by the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research found that 25 percent of people aged 18 to 65, and 36 percent of those over 65 years of age, suffer from bunions. Mild-to-moderate bunion pain can sometimes be relieved through conservative measures such as taking over-the-counter pain medications, taping or padding the foot, applying ice packs, or simply wearing different shoes. But if you have moderate-to-severe bunion pain that is affecting your day-to-day life, it might be time for you to consider minimally invasive bunion surgery (MIS).

Is bunion surgery right for you?

Compared to traditional surgery, minimally invasive bunion surgery offers many benefits including less pain and swelling, no visible scarring, less potential for infections, and a shorter recovery period. So how do you know if you are a good candidate for a bunionectomy?

  • Consider your health history. First, if bunions tend to run in your family and other family members have undergone foot surgery for they’re bunion, you will likely follow in their footsteps and need a bunionectomy yourself. Discuss your entire health history with your podiatrist, who can help you understand whether past and current health conditions might affect the surgery.
  • Take a good look at your foot. How “ugly” is your bunion pain? You are probably ready for surgery to treat your bunions if your foot is swollen, stiff, or inflamed. If you are unable to keep your shoes on all day, it’s time to take action – now!
  • Recognize the potential for further foot problems. Is your bunion causing other foot and toe problems? Is your foot misshapen and making it difficult to even put your shoes on? If your foot is so deformed your toes are curling, crossing over one another, or you are experiencing increasingly disturbing foot problems, you probably need to have your bunion treated with MIS.
  • Evaluate your pain level. If your bunion pain is preventing you from engaging in normal daily activities, you need to do something about it — the sooner the better! Does it hurt to put pressure on your foot? If conservative treatments are no longer providing relief or your pain is getting worse, you should seriously consider having foot surgery. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to take care of it.
  • Think about recovery time. Traditional bunion surgery can keep you off your feet and away from work for weeks. However, MIS for your bunions requires only about 72 hours of icing and restricted walking. Although you probably won’t be running a marathon right away, MIS allows you to be back on your feet within a few days.

Does your podiatrist recommend MIS for your bunion?

If your bunion has been causing you pain and difficulty for some time, chances are you have already consulted your New Hampshire podiatrist. If more aggressive measures than changing shoes or taking aspirin are advised, your bunion has progressed to the point of needing surgery. And if you’re still treating your bunion on your own, don’t be shy about asking your podiatrist for more information about MIS. You do not have to suffer from bunion pain anymore.

Neglecting bunions or other foot and toe pain can lead to more serious problems down the road. The sooner you seek help for your foot issues, the easier it will be to resolve them.

You might think your painful bunions will go away on their own, but without treatment they can become severe enough to require intensive surgery. Talk to the caring, professional staff at Nagy Footcare about your bunions. We believe you should not have to suffer from bunion pain and will do everything we can to help you find relief.

We believe you deserve to be listened to, and that you should fully understand how we will treat your foot or toe pain. Contact us today if you think you might need bunion surgery. We can answer any questions you may have about bunions or other foot problems. At Nagy Footcare, our best day is when you wake up with no foot pain.

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