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Why It’s Important to Acknowledge Foot Pain While Running

| November 15th, 2017

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Whether you run for the workout, the challenge, for charity, or for love, it starts with a step. Your feet hit the ground and you’re off. And no matter what you run for, every runner knows that foot health comes first.

Foot pain while running can be an inevitable side effect for runners, signs your body is giving you that should not be ignored. If you experience foot pain and running plays an important role in your life, the following information will help you gain a deeper understanding of why it’s best to be proactive about your feet.

Most importantly, you’ll learn that there are safe, effective treatment options available to correct your foot pain so that you can cross that finish line, jog with friends, stay healthy, enjoy running and get back on your feet.

Don’t Push Through the Pain

Step after step, mile after mile, your feet take the blunt of impact trauma as you run. Whether you run marathons or jog lightly in the park, to maintain your active lifestyle you’ll need to take good care of your feet.

Many runners who experience foot pain while running often ignore signs of serious issues and instead push through the pain. Whether it’s before, during or after your run that you feel foot pain, it’s crucial to be proactive about acknowledging the signs and understanding that it’s never too late to find or start treatment.

The longer you wait to find out what is causing your foot pain, the more severe the pain and lasting damage becomes. Just like with any running injury, the condition of your feet will worsen with time and extra stress, especially if you continue to run.

Free Running Resource

If you identify as one of 3 out of 4 Americans who experience serious foot problems and neglect their pain , you may consider researching your options a bit further.

Rather than ignoring your foot pain while running and increasing chances of permanent damage, download our free resource below for insight into common causes for your foot pain such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain)
  • Overpronation that could lead to many other serious health problems, such as knee, hip, neck and back pain
  • An underlying injury that could have lasting effects

You’ll find information on symptoms that act as early warning signs and when to see a New Hampshire podiatrist to explore your treatment options.

As an active athlete himself, Dr. Nagy understands the important role feet play in an active lifestyle. Whether your foot pain while running can be treated conservatively or with a minimally invasive procedure, both have quick recovery time and offer runners the chance to get back on their feet quickly and safely.

At Nagy Footcare, our best day is the day you wake up with no foot pain.

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