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We Believe

There are a few beliefs we hold deeply at Nagy Footcare. Think of these as the core of how we think about our work. These statements describe the reasons we come to work every day and they describe the attitudes and actions you can anticipate when you choose us to help you find freedom from foot pain.  Feel free to ask us more about what we mean by what we believe and we would love to clarify.

We Believe you deserve to not be in pain

  • So we will find a way to move you towards being pain free

We Believe you should understand your diagnosis and treatment

  • So we will talk with you and help you gain clarity

We Believe you should get results as quickly as possible

  • So we will choose the treatment plan that gets you where you need to be

We Believe you should be listened to carefully so we really understand you and your feet

  • So we will look at you as an individual, listen to you and customize your treatment

We Believe you deserve a doctor who is keeping up on new technologies and treatments

  • So we carefully evaluate new treatments and work to adopt those that are proven

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