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DIY Treatments to Try at Home for Your Foot Pain

| July 14th, 2017

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You put your feet through the gauntlet every day. Constantly standing, running, pivoting, and walking can take a toll, causing intense foot pain that makes it difficult to enjoy simple activities. While there are times when visiting the doctor is necessary, there are simple do-it-yourself treatments that can relieve your pain and allow you to be more active without placing additional stress on your feet.

Epsom Salts Foot Soak

Soaking your feet in Epsom salts pulls toxins from the tissues. It softens the skin and also loosens the muscles allowing your feet to relax and move more freely. The warmth of the water also soothes the connective tissues and can relieve the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis and plantar fasciitis.


When you’ve been on your feet all day and your joints are swollen and sore, place an ice pack over the affected area. This helps to reduce the inflammation and will relieve the stiffness often associated with swollen joints. Once you remove the ice pack, placing your feet in a warm soak will help to improve circulation and restore blood flow.

Essential Oils

Essential oils like clove, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil are invigorating and also provide nutrients that are easily absorbed through the skin. Not only do they soothe your feet, they give you an energy boost to help you get through the day. They can be added to a lotion and directly applied to your feet or you can add several drops to an Epsom salts foot bath. You can use them in an air diffuser as well to keep the benefits flowing long after the foot bath is over.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is known for the heat it produces. It improves circulation and promotes healthy blood flow to areas where it may be lacking. The main drawback concerning cayenne pepper is that it can stain your feet and you clothing. Sprinkle cayenne pepper in your shoes to keep your feet warm and allow them to experience the healing effects of the capsaicin that it contains. Just remember to wear dark socks so they won’t get stained or discolored.


Stretching your feet often will keep the blood circulating and help to prevent inflammation. Performing stretching exercises several times throughout the day will help to keep the musculoskeletal system flexible, providing a greater range of motion and allowing you to maintain strenuous levels of activity for longer periods of time. It’s important to remember to stretch your feet before any type of vigorous activity. This helps to increase circulation prior to the activity, warming up the muscles and connective tissues and preventing injuries from occurring.

Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

One of the first places people tend to notice the first signs of arthritis is their feet. Osteoarthritis is often associated with the elderly, but younger people can start to show signs of the illness if they don’t get enough calcium and magnesium on a regular basis. Taking a vitamin/mineral supplement that has a two to one ration of calcium and magnesium will help to keep the bones and connective tissue healthy.

Treating your foot pain at home isn’t difficult and you don’t have to spend an exorbitant amount of money on orthotics and other devices that may not be absolutely necessary.

Taking proper care of your feet is the best thing you can do to eliminate foot pain and discomfort. Using other small treatment methods will not only keep your feet pain free, but also allow your mind and body to relax as well.

Get to know your feet and what causes them to become sore and irritated. Once you know where the problems actually lie, you can take measures to help reduce the unwanted effects and get yourself back on track.

Having healthy feet that are both beautiful and pain free is possible. You just have to know the little things that make life simple and provide long lasting healing benefits.

The professional staff at Nagy FootCare are always available to answer your questions and offer sound advice as to what home treatments will work best in each situation. Don’t forget: At Nagy Footcare, our best day is the day you wake up with no foot pain!

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