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How Old is Too Old to Get HyProCure® Treatment for Foot Pain?

| April 17th, 2018

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Do you wake up in the morning and gingerly step out of bed to limit shooting pain in your feet and ankles?  Perhaps your back also hurts and your hips and legs are stiff and fatigued. You might think these are all just aches and pains that you need to put up with as you get older, but that’s not necessarily the case, all of your aches, foot pain, stiffness, and mobility issues could be caused by a misalignment of the bones in your ankles. Foot pain and misalignment issues are often treatable with attention from your trusted podiatrist. Some of the signs of misaligned ankles include:

Treatment begins with an exam. Your podiatrist examines your feet, asks about your foot pain, and may ask you to walk around the office so he can observe your gait. If he suspects that misalignment is at the root of your foot pain and other aches and pains, he may order X-rays for a more detailed look at the bones of your feet and ankles to confirm his diagnosis.

It’s estimated that 45% of people have misaligned ankles, where the ankle bone slips forward over the heel. This causes the space between your bones, called the sinus tarsi to collapse. This misalignment leads to foot pain and a wide range of foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. Since your feet are the foundation of your body, this also causes pain in your knees, hips, and back. While custom orthotics are a great way to correct your gait, you might also benefit from a quick and minimally invasive treatment called HyProCure®.

What is HyProCure®?

HyProCure® is an innovative solution to correct alignment issues in your ankles. Your podiatrist makes a small incision in your ankle and places a titanium stent between your ankle bone and your heel. This stent holds your bones in correct alignment and prevents the sinus tarsi from collapsing.

Who is a good candidate for HyProCure®?

HyProCure® is suitable for patients of all ages. Anyone that still wants to stay active but suffers from misalignment can benefit from this minimally invasive surgery. As long as you are in generally good health, there’s no need to put up with foot pain, ankle pain, and stiffness and aches throughout your body.  Your trusted podiatrist will suggest HyProCure® treatment if they believe it will resolve your foot pain by correcting the alignment of your ankles.

How does HyProCure® treatment work?

HyProCure® is a quick outpatient procedure and you should be able to walk out in a surgical boot. Your podiatrist makes a small incision in your ankle and places the stent between your bones. There is little to no pain and there’s no need for any drilling or screwing pins into your bones. You recover quickly and your overall well-being is improved by reduced foot pain and related issues.

The stent stops your sinus tarsi from collapsing and natural motion is restored to your foot and ankle. This reduces pressure on the other bones, muscles, and tendons in your feet which can help resolve the alignment issues that lead to painful conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis.

If you’ve been putting up with foot pain or aches and pains in your legs, hips, and back, just thinking it’s part of getting older, contact the team at Nagy Footcare today. It’s a common misconception that you just need to get used to pain as you get older. At Nagy Footcare, our best day is when you wake up without foot pain. The team helps patients of all ages lead healthy, active and pain-free lives with customized care and treatments like HyProCure®.

Contact the Nagy Footcare or call to schedule a consultation today. Dr. Nagy and his team are waiting to help resolve your foot pain and help you get back to the activities you love.

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