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How the Solution to Lower Back Pain Relief is In Your Feet

| February 27th, 2018

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Many people seek chronic, lower back pain relief without ever really knowing what is causing the problem. They assume they’ve lifted something that was too heavy or simply twisted their back in the wrong direction. In many cases, their lower back pain has nothing to do with anything they’ve actually done and everything to do with how they are walking. Each step they take can be adding to the stress on their back. Something as simple as twisting your ankle can lead to lower back pain if you don’t treat the injury properly.

Balance Begins In Your Feet

To walk and propel yourself forward without stumbling or falling your body must remain in balance. That delicate balance can be thrown off if a foot is injured or strained in any way. Essentially, your balance and how you stand, walk, run, or move, depends on your feet and how well they help you to maintain your balance. One small problem can create a domino effect that transfers from joint to joint, starting at your ankles and moving through every joint up into the neck.

The Domino Effect

The domino effect means exactly what it implies. If you begin to experience a problem with your feet, without proper treatment it will continue to move up the line affecting everything in its path. This “chain” starts with your feet, moves up through your ankles, to the knees, then the hips and eventually up through the spine, ending with the neck. Many people who begin to experience pain in their ankles and knees chalk it up to stepping on something or twisting an ankle. In reality, it can be anything from plantar fasciitis to a pronounced pronation of the foot brought on by weakening of the ankles and other connective tissues in the foot.

The Orthotic Solution

The use of orthotics can offer support to the arches as well as other areas of the feet. Orthotics are created to fit the unique shape and form of your foot. When a custom orthotic is made, Dr. Nagy uses a special device to determine what particular areas need the most support. Once the orthotics are made and placed in your shoes, your feet can function more normally. This takes pressure off of the arches of your feet and allows it to be dispersed evenly. Orthotics basically work to bring the feet back into a normal balance that resonates upward through the legs and into the spine.


The HyProCure® treatment option is a minimally invasive procedure in which Dr. Nagy places a small tube inside your ankle that encourages it to remain in its natural position. The procedure is used to prevent the foot and ankle from rolling to the side, placing unnecessary pressure on the ankles, knees, and hips. This type of pronation can dramatically alter your gait and affects how your body maintains balance. The HyProCure® procedure encourages the ankle to maintain its natural form and function, allowing the feet to work as they were intended to.

If you want lower back pain relief, contact Dr. Nagy to schedule an appointment for an evaluation of your feet and ankles. Your back pain may be the result of a foot condition or injury that you didn’t know you had. While we may assume we know what is causing our pain, many times it’s something simple that can be easily remedied. Don’t take chances! Lower back pain relief may be something as simple as a new set of orthotics or foot exercises that help to take the day to day strain off of your already overworked feet. Call Dr. Nagy today and find the relief you’re looking for!

At Nagy Footcare, our best day is when you wake up with no foot pain.

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