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Flat Feet? Learn the Real Cause and Treatment for Your Foot Pain

| August 2nd, 2017

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Do you have foot pain? You may be suffering from flat feet. All babies have flat feet and children usually outgrow them around their sixth year. In adults, however, this condition can be serious and painful. Ranging in severity from flexible to rigid, flat feet can cause a variety of pain and problems or they may not be much of a bother at all. If you are experiencing discomfort and/or a lack of mobility due to foot pain, you should see your New Hampshire podiatrist to find out if you have flat feet.

Causes of Flat Feet

The space between your ankle bone and your heel bone is known as the sinus tarsi. When this space collapses, the resulting misalignment of these bones causes the arch in your foot to fall. This condition is known as flatfoot or flat feet.

While the ultimate cause of flat feet is misalignment, there are various conditions that cause misalignment. They include posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), injury, arthritis, and Charcot foot disease. PTTD occurs when the tendon located between your calf and the bones inside your feet swells or suffers injury. Injured ligaments, arthritis, and Charcot foot disease can also cause misalignment and flat feet. Because patients with diabetes may experience a lack of feeling on the bottoms of their feet, they might not realize they have flatfoot until the problem has become severe.

Problems Associated with Misalignment

If your feet are flat, you are likely suffering from misalignment. And if your feet are not aligned correctly, your body isn’t either. Flat feet can cause pain all the way up your body due to the imbalance of pressure on your feet, heels, knees, ankles, hips, and back. Misalignment can also lead to hammertoes, bunions, growing pains, shin splints, and even weight gain.

Treating Foot Pain Caused by Flat Feet

If you think you’re suffering from flat feet or have foot pain for any other reason, the first thing you need to do is see an experienced, qualified podiatrist. You should seek a proper diagnosis and the right treatment in order to prevent further injury and damage to your feet.

Conservative treatment for the pain in your feet may be all you need. Options include strengthening exercises, orthotic shoes, pads and inserts, and over-the-counter pain medicine. If you have a severe case of flatfoot, you might need surgery. Before you start thinking about major surgery, however, ask your podiatrist about HyProCure®.

HyProCure® Treatment

Conservative treatments will help alleviate your pain, but HyProCure® treats the source of your pain. This minimally invasive procedure involves your podiatrist placing a small titanium stent in your sinus tarsi. The stent replaces your lost or damaged tendon, and realigns your foot.

There is little to no pain during the procedure and patients typically experience a quick recovery. Because musculoskeletal pain is reduced and/or eliminated, you will be able to live a more active and healthy lifestyle after HyProCure® treatment.

You Don’t Have to Suffer From Flat Feet

Don’t wait to see if your foot pain goes away by itself. You don’t have to suffer pain from flatfoot or any other foot condition. If you want to know how HyProCure® treatment can help you, contact the friendly and experienced staff at Nagy Footcare.

We believe you deserve to understand what is causing your foot pain, and how it should be treated. We believe you deserve to be treated by a knowledgeable, caring New Hampshire podiatrist with access to state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

At Nagy Footcare, our best day is when you wake up with no foot pain. Contact us today.

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