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Why Does My Big Toe Hurt?

| March 27th, 2018

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Big toe pain can strike at any time. Maybe you feel it when you stand up for the first time in the morning. Maybe after a good workout or at the end of the day your toe throbs. Or maybe as soon as you slide your foot into a shoe that normally fits your toe […]

Help Your New Hampshire Podiatrist Find the Cause of Your Foot Pain

| March 20th, 2018

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Your feet are your means of transportation as well as the foundation for the rest of your body. If they are injured or affected by chronic illness, the pain and discomfort you feel can disrupt your entire routine. Having a reputable New Hampshire podiatrist on speed dial can be the answer to your prayers. If you […]

3 Types of Foot Strikes That May Cause You Foot Pain While Running

| March 8th, 2018

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A foot strike is how your foot connects with the ground during each step. If you experience foot pain while running, a common cause is a disruption in how your foot strikes or impacts the ground. This constant repetition of a poor striking pattern can lead to chronic foot, ankle, and knee pain. If not corrected, […]

Why Does My Toe Hurt On the Side?

| February 6th, 2018

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If you wake up in the morning and ask yourself “Why does my toe hurt?”, you should probably make an appointment with Dr. Nagy to find out the cause. Standing on your feet all day can result in varying degrees of foot pain, but it rarely localizes the pain to the sides of your toes. While […]

45 Percent of People Have This Foot Problem…Do You?

| February 1st, 2018

Posted In: Foot Problems, HyProCure Treatment

Do your feet hurt? If you suffer from heel pain, overpronation, or pain in your knees or back when you exercise or stand for long periods of time, like 45% of the population, you may have misaligned feet or ankles. Misalignment doesn’t just occur in your spine, any of your joints can move out of […]

5 Foot Problems That Look Like a Bunion But Aren’t

| January 23rd, 2018

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If you develop a bump on your foot, near your big toe, it’s a logical assumption to think you’re developing a bunion. Even if you think that you know what’s causing your foot problem, you should make an appointment with your trusted podiatrist. There are several other foot conditions that can cause lumps to form […]

Walking Tips for Anyone Experiencing Foot Pain While Running

| January 18th, 2018

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Do you experience continuous or repeated bouts of foot pain while running? If so, you might want to consider a walking program instead. Running can cause pain that affects your daily activities, alters the way you walk, and causes numbness and tingling in your feet. Running can also lead to serious foot and ankle injury, bunions, hammertoes, overpronation, misalignment, […]

Foot Problems You Can Correct with Custom Orthotics

| January 9th, 2018

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Are you suffering from foot pain caused by bunions, diabetes, fallen arches, flat feet, foot misalignment, tendonitis, or some other foot, ankle, or toe problem? Custom inserts/orthotics might be the solution you’re looking for. Custom orthotics are different from foot pads and inserts you see in a drugstore because they are designed and constructed to support and […]

Foot Problems You May Experience as You Age

| January 2nd, 2018

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As you age, your body undergoes many changes. Your feet have endured a lifetime of carrying you from place to place, running, jumping and constantly moving. Over time, tissues begin to break down and conditions like arthritis become more common. If you’ve had foot problems in the past, you may begin to experience more intense foot […]

Cold Weather Foot Problems and What to Do About Them

| November 22nd, 2017

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Winter is here, which means we’re all getting used to cold temperatures, wet weather, snow, and ice. While we can bundle up against the elements, we also need to make sure to protect our feet. Cold weather can exacerbate painful foot conditions and also increase your risk of other foot problems developing. Why does cold […]