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Do You Need Custom Orthotics When You Run?

| April 26th, 2018

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If you’re a runner you know the joy of fresh air in your face and feeling the strength of your body with every stride. Then just as you’re feeling the stress of the day finally fade away you notice that twinge in your knee again. It doesn’t quite, hurt but you can feel a strange […]

Foot Problems You Can Correct with Custom Orthotics

| January 9th, 2018

Posted In: Foot Problems, Orthotics

Are you suffering from foot pain caused by bunions, diabetes, fallen arches, flat feet, foot misalignment, tendonitis, or some other foot, ankle, or toe problem? Custom inserts/orthotics might be the solution you’re looking for. Custom orthotics are different from foot pads and inserts you see in a drugstore because they are designed and constructed to support and […]

6 Reasons You May Need Custom Orthotics

| December 4th, 2017

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If you’re suffering from foot pain, knee pain, or back pain, you may benefit from custom orthotics. These custom shoe inserts provide support and pain relief to many Americans. Despite their effective pain relief and support, many people still try to make due with the off-the-peg orthotics sold in drug stores and shoe stores. Let’s […]

What to Do if Custom Orthotics Are Causing You More Foot Pain

| October 6th, 2017

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Have you been using conservative methods to treat your foot pain? Perhaps you have already tried soaking your feet, massaging your feet and legs, taking aspirin, applying cold packs or warm packs, and you still have pain. When those at-home treatments don’t work, it’s time to seek help from your New Hampshire podiatrist. Whether the cause of your […]

Custom Orthotics vs. Over the Counter Shoe Inserts: Which Are Best?

| September 5th, 2017

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Orthotics are used to provide additional support over and above what a normal shoe will provide. They are used to not only increase comfort but also support the arch and take pressure off of certain structures within the foot and ankle. Orthotics can be purchased over the counter or you can have them custom made […]