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How to Prevent Infection from Your Ingrown Toenail

| April 20th, 2018

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An ingrown toenail can be extremely painful making it difficult to wear your shoes or stand for long periods of time. Once an ingrown toenail becomes infected, it can make you even more miserable. Keeping the toenail trimmed and minimizing the risk of infection through proactive steps is important. You should also visit your podiatrist […]

Why Does My Big Toe Hurt?

| March 27th, 2018

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Big toe pain can strike at any time. Maybe you feel it when you stand up for the first time in the morning. Maybe after a good workout or at the end of the day your toe throbs. Or maybe as soon as you slide your foot into a shoe that normally fits your toe […]

What are the Beginning Stages of an Ingrown Toenail?

| March 1st, 2018

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If you have pain in your toe but don’t know what the problem is, you might be suffering from the beginning stages of an ingrown toenail. There are many conditions that might cause discomfort in your feet and toes including a bunion, stubbed toe, fungal infection, sprain, or other injury, so how do you know […]

7 Common Misconceptions About Ingrown Toenails

| December 13th, 2017

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Your toenail should grow straight but sometimes there is a problem. An ingrown toenail occurs when your toenail grows into the side or corner of your nail bed. It’s a common problem and usually occurs in one of your big toes. The nail can dig deeply into your nail bed and cause irritation, redness, swelling, and pain. Many […]

Types of Shoes to Wear to Avoid Getting an Ingrown Toenail

| November 11th, 2017

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The type of shoes you wear is often the most telling factor when it comes to diagnosing specific problems with your feet, including ingrown toenails. Your feet are often stuck inside your shoes for 8 to 10 hours a day, sometimes longer. Being trapped in this dark, moist environment with little airflow can cause bacteria […]

When Should You Seek Medical Treatment for an Ingrown Toenail?

| October 19th, 2017

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Are you suffering from the pain of an ingrown toenail? This fairly common foot problem occurs when the edge or corner of your toenail starts to grow into your skin instead of over it and are most often seen in the big toe. They are usually caused by improper trimming of your toenails but can also […]

How to Manage Your Ingrown Toenail Treatment at Home

| September 29th, 2017

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Most of us have had an ingrown toenail at least once in our lives. More often than not, it will go away on its own. But when it doesn’t, or you have an ingrown toenail that keeps coming back, it can start to be very painful and frustrating. Learn what you can do at home […]

The Quick and Easy Fix For Your Ingrown Toenail

| September 15th, 2017

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The quick and easy fix for your ingrown toenail is proper foot care. Keeping your feet clean and wearing shoes that fit your feet are two of the most important aspects of general foot care. There are many simple things that you can do in addition to caring for your feet that will help to […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Ingrown Toenails and Treatment

| September 3rd, 2017

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If you are suffering from toe or foot pain, you might have an ingrown toenail. This is a fairly common problem especially among runners, those who suffer from diabetes and in certain families who are naturally prone to ingrown toenails. There are ways you can relieve some of the pain of an ingrown nail, but they […]

Ingrown Toenail Care for Runners

| July 27th, 2017

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Anyone can have an ingrown toenail, but runners are more susceptible to them than others. This is primarily caused by the environment their feet are in and the amount of pressure their feet endure during training and competition. When the right ingrown toenail care is used, runners can reduce their risk of getting an ingrown […]