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Are Symptoms of Misaligned Feet Causing Your Foot Pain?

| July 18th, 2017

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Approximately 45% of the population has misaligned feet. You might have thought that misalignment was something that affected the spine and was treated by chiropractors and physical therapists. But just about every part of your body can become misaligned, either with bones shifting or muscles tightening and pulling.

When your body is out of alignment the surrounding muscles and tendons have to over compensate for the misalignment which means that your movement is affected and you may develop sore and tight muscles. When your feet are misaligned, it can lead to the development of other podiatric issues that can cause you quite a bit of foot pain

What is foot misalignment?

When your feet are correct your ankles are straight above your heels and the front edge of your ankle bone rests slightly over the front edge of your heel bone. This creates a space called the sinus tarsi. If your feet are misaligned your ankle bone slips out of place, usually forward over the heel bone, which compresses the sinus tarsi. Your gait is further affected by your foot rolling inward when you walk, a condition called over pronation.

What causes foot misalignment?

Misalignment between the foot and ankle is usually either caused by injury including sprains and fractures or linked to your genetics and overuse. Conditions like arthritis can also lead to alignment issues.

What are symptoms of foot misalignment?

When your feet and ankles are misaligned, the rest of your body compensates with every step you take. As a result, one of the most common symptoms of foot misalignment is pain. It could manifest as foot pain or you may experience pain in your knees, legs, hips or back.

You may also develop other issues in your feet like bunions, flat feet or plantar fasciitis. These conditions also cause foot pain, which may eventually lead to mobility issues and avoiding activities that you enjoy because it hurts too much to walk, jog or run.

How is foot misalignment treated?

The most effective and efficient treatment for misaligned feet is HyProCure®. HyProCure® is an FDA approved treatment where a small titanium stent is placed in the sinus tarsi area, which prevents the ankle from collapsing on itself.

The HyProCure® is placed during a quick, non-invasive, in-office procedure where your New Hampshire podiatrist will make a tiny incision in your ankle, and using specially designed tools, place the titanium stent between your ankle and heel bones. The stent provides additional stability in your ankle while also correcting any alignment issues.

How will I know if HyProCure® will help to realign my feet?

Your trusted podiatrist will perform a comprehensive diagnostic exam of your feet, which may include x-rays or an MRI to provide a more detailed look at the bones and tendons in your ankles and feet. If misalignment is the root cause of your foot pain, your podiatrist will make recommendations to restore the alignment, which may include HyProCure®. Other treatment options may include orthotics or physical therapy.

What will recovery be like?

Since HyProCure® is a noninvasive procedure, recovery is usually quite quick and relatively painless. You will need to take a few days to rest and stay off of your feet directly following the procedure, but you should be back at work or school within a few days and walking normally within a few weeks.

Athletes may need to refrain from training for several weeks while their ankles heal. They may also benefit from physical therapy to help rebuild strength in the supporting muscles which may have suffered from over or underuse during the misalignment.

If you suffer from pain in your feet or your ankles, knees or hips or back, you should make an appointment with a New Hampshire podiatrist at Nagy Footcare.

Dr. Nagy has received the distinction of a Qualified HyProCure® Surgeon and he and his team are highly experienced podiatry specialists who want to make sure that their patients are able to lead pain-free and active lives.

You will learn about your feet while also receiving care that provides pain relief and treats any underlying conditions responsible for the pain.

At Nagy Footcare, our best day is the day you wake up with no foot pain.

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